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Tetromino, brick, or puzzle! No matter what you call it, the taste of quality time will be completely different thanks to this game. Thanks to this great app that you have downloaded to your mobile device, you will be able to evaluate your time in a quality way. In addition, you should remember that the game will become even more enjoyable as you skip the levels.

You can pass the levels one by one by harmoniously lining up the pieces of different shapes from each other. Especially when you are confused, you can examine what you can do about the move by stopping the game. At moments when the game becomes difficult, you can also avoid confusion by having different shapes in different colors.

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Brick Fun: Tetromino Puzzle Features

After playing this game, we claim that it will become addictive! Here are the features of this great game!

  • A more enjoyable gaming experience as you skip levels,
  • In-game purchasing opportunities,
  • Ability to use your time efficiently,
  • Game structure that supports brain development,
  • Ideal features for people of all ages.
Brick Fun Tetromino Puzzle Feature Graphic
Brick Fun Tetromino Puzzle Feature Graphic

Do you want to open the door to a game that will make a difference with all these features? For an alternative that is compatible with different operating systems and maximizes the gaming experience with constant updates, all you have to do is download this game!
We claim that after downloading this game, which is completely free, it will be the most used app on your device. Let’s feel the experience with Brick Fun! Besides, use Tetromino Puzzle to take advantage of your spare time!

Finally, we will continue to work on making the Brick Fun app better. If you have an idea, don’t forget to write us from contact form.

All the best, have fun!

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